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read - omni 360

“The Omni 360 Carrier provides a lot of comfort and adaptability for the wearer and baby. I really like features like the adjustable seat, headrest and the fact that you can cross the straps. This carrier enables caregivers to meet their baby’s needs safely whilst also enabling the care giver themselves to engage in everyday ‘occupations’ and activities”. read full review here

Carla Koay
Paediatric Occupational Therapist


“I’ve never tried on a carrier that’s been so comfortable right from the very start! It’s user friendly, not fiddly or overly complicated like some other carriers. It looks nice, it appeals to both women and men, and is fully adjustable to fit both beautifully. ” read full review here

Nicole Lytwyn
Babywearing consultant


“I am really impressed with all the features of the new design. I particularly love the option of back back or cross over positioning for the straps to give Mums and Dads options to change the weight distribution with ease. I also liked the lumbar support and adjustable pelvic supports as the baby gets bigger to support load distribution. I also think it is great to have so many features e.g newborn carry, storage pouch and front facing abilities within the one carrier. I wish this carrier had been available when my kids were little! ” read full review here

Wendy Langshaw


“The beauty of the Ergobaby Adapt carrier is that it allows you to keep up with your child’s growth and it places the baby’s hips in the position of safety at all ages during babywearing. That’s why I am comfortable to recommend the Ergobaby Adapt carrier for my own patients, and why I used Ergobaby carriers with both of my own children”. read full review here

Dr Robert H. Cho, MD
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

read- 360


“I am extremely impressed with the ingenious design of the Ergobaby 360 Carrier as it allows for an ergonomic carry for both baby and wearer in all four positions. It keeps parenting fuss-free and fun. ” read full review here

Dr Amy Giannakis
Chiropractor, babywearing advocate and mother-of-three –


“After trialling the Ergobaby 360, I would highly recommend it from both a Physiotherapy and a ‘New Mum’ perspective. I will continue to use the Ergobaby 360 as my carrier of choice and will also recommend it to other Mums for its multitude of benefits.” read full review here

Paula Beall
Paediatric Physiotherapist


“If you were wanting an option to wear your baby in an outward facing position, and your baby is 6 months of age or older, has good head and neck support, isn’t sleeping or overstimulated; then the Ergobaby 360 is a great ergonomic option.” read full review here

Dr Vanessa Barry
Family Chiropractor, Babywearing Consultant and Mother


“I’m pleased to say that I find it very comfortable. The wide and well cushioned adjustable shoulder straps, along with a wide adjustable waist strap help distribute weight across the wearer’s shoulders and pelvis, reducing strain on neck, shoulder and back muscles. My baby’s spine and head are well supported and she sleeps comfortably in it each time we use the carrier. Overall it makes life as a new mum more manageable and gives us time for extra fun” read full review here

Dr Julia Redfern
Osteopath, pre- and post-natal clinical Pilates instructor, infant massage instructor and mother

read - cc



” I am very happy to recommend the Ergo Baby Carrier to my patients because it is designed to care for both parent and baby. The design allows optimal weight distribution for the comfort of the wearer, reducing stress on the spine and shoulders. The Ergo Baby Carrier offers a great start to life for your baby.” read full review here

Dr Bridie Cullinane


“One of the best carriers I have come across during my parenting and professional years.” read full review here

Dr Paula Stacey-Thomas


“As a Chiropractor and Mum I now recommend the Ergobaby Carriers to ALL future families. My Daughter was born with Hip Dysplasia and so optimal hip and spinal positioning was of crucial importance. I tested every style of carrier available to me and the Ergobaby was the one that i went back to every time.” read full review here

Dr Brooke Wilcher


“As a Chiropractor and mum I only use and recommend the Ergobaby carrier. It is the best baby-carrier product on the market. It is so well designed and made. Because it allows the baby to sit rather than hang, it is great for the baby’s developing spine and pelvis. Because of its ‘ergo’ design it is also great for the wearer’s posture and body.” read full review here

Dr Orly Zuker


As a physiotherapist and mother, I can highly recommend the Ergobaby range of baby carriers for their comfort and ergonomic design. The low, padded waist belt helps distribute the child’s weight away from your neck and shoulders, making it safe and comfortable to wear for longer periods than other models where most of the baby’s weight is hanging from your shoulders.” read full review here

Karrie Malan
Physiotherapist APAM

read- wrap



“The Ergobaby Wrap holds baby firmly against the wearer’s chest, offering excellent head, neck and spinal support. It also distributes baby’s weight evenly for the wearer, which is especially important for new mums with recovering bodies.”

Dr Bridie Cullinane
Chiropractor and mum


“Using the wrap techniques shown for the Ergobaby Wrap, it is very ergonomic for both baby and wearer. Baby is held in nice and close to the wearer, ensuring that there is no excess strain on the wearers shoulders and back. Also baby is held in an ergonomic M-posture whereby their knees are higher than their hips and spine is held in a C-curve which is important for newborns and small babies under 6 months.” read full review here

Dr Amy Giannakis
Chiropractor, babywearing advocate and mother-of-three –

read - swad


“At last, a swaddler appreciated by babies, parents AND paediatricians. The Ergobaby Swaddler holds baby securely and comfortably in the ideal position for sleep and for hip development. I recommend it wholeheartedly. And most of the babies I have seen in the Ergobaby Swaddler are asleep. That says it all!”

Dr Howard Chilton
Author of ‘Baby On Board’ –
Leading neonatologist, Sydney’s Prince of Wales Private Hospital and former Director of Newborn Care, Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women

“The firmness of the Natural Curve Nursing Pillow encourages the ideal alignment at the breast, allowing both mama and baby to breastfeed comfortably.”
Erica Chidi – Doula and Lactation Consultant from the Mama Circle

“I like the firmness because it helps hold him up in the proper position and keep him elevated and latched on properly so he won’t slip off as with some softer nursing pillows…Also, the curve is very nice because it helps cradle the baby and keep his head slightly elevated that way gravity helps pull the milk down and can really aid those babies with reflux or that spit up a bit.”
Dr Tanya Altmann – Pediatrician, Author and Mother of 3 Boys