Classic Carrier Health Recommendations



” I am very happy to recommend the Ergo Baby Carrier to my patients because it is designed to care for both parent and baby. The design allows optimal weight distribution for the comfort of the wearer, reducing stress on the spine and shoulders. The Ergo Baby Carrier offers a great start to life for your baby.” read full review here

Dr Bridie Cullinane


“One of the best carriers I have come across during my parenting  and professional years.” read full review here

Dr Paula Stacey-Thomas


“As a Chiropractor and Mum I now recommend the Ergobaby Carriers to ALL future families. My Daughter was born with Hip Dysplasia and so optimal hip and spinal positioning was of crucial importance.  I tested every style of carrier available to me and the Ergobaby was the one that i went back to every time.” read full review here

Dr Brooke Wilcher


“As a Chiropractor and mum I only use and recommend the Ergobaby carrier. It is the best baby-carrier product on the market. It is so well designed and made. Because it allows the baby to sit rather than hang, it is great for the baby’s developing spine and pelvis. Because of its ‘ergo’ design it is also great for the wearer’s posture and body.” read full review here

Dr Orly Zuker


As a physiotherapist and mother, I can highly recommend the Ergobaby range of baby carriers for their comfort and ergonomic design. The low, padded waist belt helps distribute the child’s weight away from your neck and shoulders, making it safe and comfortable to wear for longer periods than other models where most of the baby’s weight is hanging from your shoulders.” read full review here

Karrie Malan
Physiotherapist APAM




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