Omni Carrier Health Professional Recommendations



“The Omni 360 Carrier provides a lot of comfort and adaptability for the wearer and baby. I really like features like the adjustable seat, headrest and the fact that you can cross the straps. This carrier enables caregivers to meet their baby’s needs safely whilst also enabling the care giver themselves to engage in everyday ‘occupations’ and activities. It helps care givers to support their babies regulatory and sensory systems and strengthens the parent-child relationship, all of which is essential for baby’s healthy development. ”

Carla Koay
Paediatric Occupational Therapist


“I’ve never tried on a carrier that’s been so comfortable right from the very start! It’s user friendly, not fiddly or overly complicated like some other carriers. It looks nice, it appeals to both women and men, and is fully adjustable to fit both beautifully. ”

Nicole Lytwyn
Babywearing consultant


“I love the ingenious design of this carrier, it’s amazing how it can suit a newborn up to the toddler age! Every detail has been thought about in the design so that both the baby and the wearer are completely comfortable and in an ergonomic position. Babywearing perfection! ”

Dr Amy Giannakis
Chiropractor, babywearing advocate and mother-of-three –


“I am really impressed with all the features of the new design. I particularly love the option of back back or cross over positioning for the straps to give Mums and Dads options to change the weight distribution with ease. I also liked the lumbar support and adjustable pelvic supports as the baby gets bigger to support load distribution. I also think it is great to have so many features e.g newborn carry, storage pouch and front facing abilities within the one carrier. This carrier provides both Mums and Dads with more options for optimal baby carrying and ability to distribute loads effectively to minimise overuse loading, discomfort and injuries.
I wish this carrier had been available when my kids were little! ”

Wendy Langshaw


“I was very impressed with how compact the carrier is with all of the features still included! It supports both mum and baby optimal positioning, so its a carrier I feel 100% confident in recommending. Also being an all-in-one carrier means I don’t have to suggest different types of carriers to mums. The built in instructions also mean its easy for tired new mums to use! ”

Rose pride


“Ergonomic, well constructed and easy to use. The nifty pouch and lumber support are good and the carrier is not too bulky around waist. The hood provides great cover from the sun. Furthermore the Ergobaby Omni 360 is easy to breastfed in, allows healthy hip development and promotes attachment. A great tool for fathers and other caregivers and can be beneficial as a sleep aid. ”

Belinda Moore
Midwife, Babywearing Consultant & Nurse



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