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“The Ergobaby Wrap holds baby firmly against the wearer’s chest, offering excellent head, neck and spinal support. It also distributes baby’s weight evenly for the wearer, which is especially important for new mums with recovering bodies.”

Dr Bridie Cullinane
Chiropractor and mum


“Using the wrap techniques shown for the Ergobaby Wrap, it is very ergonomic for both baby and wearer. Baby is held in nice and close to the wearer, ensuring that there is no excess strain on the wearers shoulders and back. Also baby is held in an ergonomic M-posture whereby their knees are higher than their hips and spine is held in a C-curve which is important for newborns and small babies under 6 months.” read full review here

Dr Amy Giannakis
Chiropractor, babywearing advocate and mother-of-three – www.reviewbabycarriers.net

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