Classic Carrier Parent Testimonials

“Not only is it incredibly simple to use, my son LOVES it. He can easily fall asleep when nap time rolls around and we’re out and about, and it promotes healthy hip growth as his weight is in his bottom with his legs in a frog like position. This is one of the best baby items I own!!”

“This is such an amazing carrier. I have scoliosis and have no discomfort while wearing it (even all day). My son has cried more than my two girls and when nothing seems to work I put him in the carrier and voila! He is instantly calm.”

“We tried 3 other baby carriers and this one is the gold standard! It’s worth every penny!”

“I recommend this carrier with no reservations to anyone who wants to be able to have their hands free to make dinner, or to carry your baby on a hike. It’s the BEST!”

★★★★★ “Coming from someone who owns every type of carrier – BUY THE ERGO!!!!”

★★★★★ “Perfect Carrier”

★★★★★ “No more back pain”

★★★★★ “Comfort while cuddling”

★★★★★ “Life saver in disguise”

★★★★★ “It’s a must have!!!”


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