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Anna – fields-of-sage.blogspot.com.au

“I absolutely love this swaddle. My daughter has Developmental Hip Dysplasia and after her being in a splint for 12 weeks I have been VERY hesitant to use any swaddle as I feared it would only make her issues worse. The Ergobaby Swaddle has removed those fears, it’s comfortable, breathable and it doesn’t restrict her little hips at all! I am very happy with my Ergobaby swaddle.”

Isabelle – Ergobaby Swaddler Review Team.  Read full review here
“I have really enjoyed this Ergobaby Swaddle. We have had some awesome nights sleep as the swaddle wraps baby’s arms close to their chest. This has minimized my baby scratching his face and helps my baby to sleep better during the day.”

Keira – Ergobaby Swaddler Review Team. Read full review here


★★★★★ “Only Swaddler that Works”

★★★★★ “Life Saver”

★★★★★ “Perfect for little Houdini’s”

★★★★★“Awesome swaddler”


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