Wrap Parent Testimonials

“A must have Mumma hands free accessory”

“Within minutes he’s snuggled and sleeping and it allows me to steal sneaky kisses on the way”

“I cannot believe how great it is. It was easy to wrap it on. Not only did it stretch to get baby in, but once tied It really stayed. I wore baby, took baby out, put baby back in, all without having to re-tie.”

“It seems to hold very, very well. I was actually wrapping my little one a little too high and tight expecting her to sink down, but it didn’t happen!”

“The material is so soft! I found it really easy to wrap, and super supportive, while not feeling at all bulky.”


★★★★★ “Great with my new baby!”

★★★★★ “Worth it’s weight in gold!”

★★★★★ “Just the right amount of stretch”

★★★★★ “Comfy and easy”



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