Baby Sleeping Bag + Swaddle Sets


Ergobaby has designed a versatile, hybrid Baby Sleeping Bag + Swaddle Set suitable for use from newborn to 9 months – the only sleep product that covers such a long period in a single package. This unique two-piece product is flexible and adjustable as baby grows, covering all stages of baby’s sleep preferences.
Phase 1- Newborn Securely swaddle both arms to prevent the startle reflex from waking baby.
Phase 2 – Transition When baby starts to roll, wrap one or both arms in or out to transition baby from swaddling to independent sleep.
Phase 3 – Independent Sleep Use a sleeping bag with arms free once baby has graduated past the need for any arm swaddling.

The NEW Ergobaby® Baby Sleeping Bag & Swaddle Set is a smart, ergonomic design that includes a Swaddle and a Sleeping Bag. These two pieces can be used separately or together, offering up to 9 different wrapping configurations. Designed to grow with baby, this Sleep Set can be adapted to suit babies’ changing sleep preferences across all three core stages.
Newborn Positions The Swaddle wraps both arms securely in the Hands-to-Heart position, while baby’s legs are in the ‘Hip-Healthy’ position with unrestricted movement. The Swaddle can be used with the Sleeping Bag, or as a single piece for a cooler option in warm weather.
Transitional Positions When baby starts to roll, the Swaddle allows the left or right arms to be wrapped in or out so baby can start to get used to sleeping independently. At this stage the Swaddle can be used with or without the Sleeping Bag.
Independent Sleeping Positions The Sleeping Bag eliminates the need for loose blankets for longer, safer sleep. With baby able to sleep with both arms unsecured, the Swaddle can be used with or without the Sleeping Bag to wrap baby’s tummy to aid digestion and soothe colic.
Ergobaby Baby Sleeping Bag + Swaddle Set – Swaddles. Transitions. 9 ways to sleep soundly.


Features and Benefits
Two Piece Design – the Swaddle and the Sleeping Bag can be used together or as stand-alone pieces.
Enables 9 wrapping configurations – for flexible choices within the three core functions.
Swaddle adjusts – with premium Velcro for a secure, custom fit.
Sleeping Bag adjusts – at the shoulders to grow with baby.
Two Way Zipper – for easy nappy changes.
Compatible – with harness systems in car seats and strollers etc.
Soft 100% cotton – gentle on baby’s skin.
Safer sleep environment – with no need for loose blankets.

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