Ergobaby Infant Inserts

The Ergobaby Infant Insert ensures your newborn will be well protected, while perfectly cradled and cushioned. Providing a gentle transition from womb to world, the Infant Insert is the only carrier system that supports newborns in a fetal position and later accommodates a natural open straddle as baby grows. Developed and shaped in consultation with health professionals, the padded design supports your baby’s head and neck and keeps pressure off the developing sacrum.  The Infant Insert is required from birth to 4/5 months (3.2 to 5.5kgs) or until baby has developed head control. The easily adjustable design offers fuss-free access for breastfeeding on-the-go. All Infant Inserts can be used with any Ergobaby Original or 360 Carrier allowing you the freedom to choose which fabric and colour that works best for you.

The Infant Insert has two key components – the cushioned outer shell and a removable pillow. Both elements are used from birth and can be separated as baby grows. The outer shell can be removed for small babies who have developed head and neck control but are too short when seated directly in the carrier. The cushioned outer shell can be used without the pillow for taller babies who are still developing head and neck control.

Ergobaby Infant Insert – Cradle your baby.



Features and Benefits

Safe cradle holds your newborn in a cosy, protected environment close to the heart
Womb to world transition only carrier system offering natural fetal position
Recommended by and developed in consultation with health professionals
Important support for your baby’s head, neck and developing spine
Adaptable fit two-part design grows with your baby from birth to 4 months
Graduating options use removable pillow without outer shell once baby has head and neck control
Breastfeed on the go and handsfree once attachment is established
Easy care fully machine washable

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