Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What makes the Ergobaby Swaddler unique?
The reason for swaddling is to recreate baby’s position in the womb, and the Ergobaby Swaddler promotes a natural fetal position – elbows bent, hands to heart, legs in frog-like position.
We believe that our product is revolutionary in design and function. No other swaddler on the market is designed with the correct, healthy positioning of the baby as the guiding principle.
No other competitor has allocated the time and money to make the best swaddler available and we have applied a patent to remain exclusive!

2. Why is the Healthy Hip Positioner so important?
Having the legs too tightly wrapped is contrary to the recommendation of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute’s guidelines on swaddling found here:
The Ergobaby Swaddler Healthy Hips Positioner promotes healthy hips by maintaining baby’s hips in an ergonomically correct ‘frog-leg’ position, as recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

3. What is the function of the leg pouch design?
The leg pouch of the Ergobaby Swaddler is spacious to allow movement from side-to-side and also for baby to fully extend legs. The flexibility of the leg pouch design provides easy access for nappy changes and enables use with 3-point harness systems commonly found in swings and bouncers.
Use of the leg pouch is optional – baby’s legs can be left outside the pouch to ensure peaceful sleep in hot weather.

4. What is the purpose of the arm pocket design?
Babies tend to move their arms toward the mouth while sleeping, often easily able to break free from swaddling as the hands move upward. With arms free from swaddling, baby is more susceptible to startle reflex – involuntary arm movements that can startle baby awake.
The arm pockets of the Ergobaby Swaddler have been designed to help prevent baby’s arms from escaping while also holding the arms in the natural and comforting ‘hands to heart’ position, encouraging baby to sleep soundly and for longer at a time.

5. Do we have a TOG rating?
0.6 TOG

Washing Instructions
Machine washable: Cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle. Dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp. Air dry.
For specific washing instructions please check your instruction booklet or look at the product specifications for your swaddler on our website.

Helpful Swaddling Hints – Click here to view full pdf

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