Frequently Asked Questions

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How many carry positions does the Ergobaby Wrap offer?
There are five carry options and of these the key positions are front, hip and back. As you become more involved with wrapping, you will find a wide variety of ways to tie your wrap and carry your baby. The Ergobaby Wrap can also be used as a prenatal and postnatal belly band support.

What is the weight limit on the Ergobaby Wrap?
The Ergobaby Wrap has been tested to carry babies up to 14 kg. When your baby is newborn, start wearing him/her on your front and as he/she gets heavier and develops upper body strength you can enjoy wearing him/her on your hip and back. The innovative 4D Stretch fabric offers greater support than typical wraps and therefore allows you to carry older babies more comfortably for longer. We recommend graduating to the Ergobaby Carrier when your baby is around 6 months old as it provides more structure and has a higher weight limit.

What are the benefits of Ergobaby Wrap’s wide panel?
The wide panel ensures babies have full back support up until 14 kg. It also allows for easy and discreet breastfeeding and provides enough support for mothers to use as a prenatal and postnatal belly band.

Can I wear twins simultaneously in the Ergobaby Wrap?
It is not recommended to wear multiple children in the Ergobaby Wrap at the same time because the children may not have enough room to breathe or to be seated in an ergonomic position.

Can the Ergobaby Wrap be used for premature babies?
We suggest talking to a doctor to get more information on the different carrying options for premature babies.

How do I know I am wearing the Ergobaby Wrap correctly?
Besides following our instructions and making sure your baby is positioned properly, make sure your baby’s airway is clear at all times. You should be able to place two fingers under his/her chin and kiss the top of his/her head. Online videos are available at – or simply scan the QR Code

What is the difference between the Ergobaby Wrap and Ergobaby Carrier?
The Ergobaby Wrap is designed for newborns and infants because it provides the closeness and comfort they are familiar with when they were inside the mother’s womb. The Ergobaby Wrap also provides you the flexibility to wear your baby in multiple positions and the ability to tie the wrap to your liking. Around 6 months, many parents graduate to the Ergobaby Carrier, another great babywearing option. The Ergobaby Carrier is more structured, has a maximum weight limit of 20kgs, and also provides a sleeping hood and storage pocket so that you and your child are prepared for any outdoor adventure together! When wearing the Ergobaby Carrier, newborns are cradled in the supporting Infant Insert accessory until they develop head and neck control. The Ergobaby Wrap and Ergobaby Carrier are both comfortable and ergonomic options for carrying your child … it all depends on what is comfortable for you both!

Washing Instructions
Machine washable: Cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle. Dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp. Air dry.
For specific washing instructions please check your instruction booklet or look at the product specifications for your wrap on our website.

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