Classic Carrier – How To Front Carry

This Ergobaby video is here to tell you all about how to Front Carry with any Ergobaby carrier. All Ergobaby carriers have 3 Ways To Carry: Front, Hip, and Back. The Front Carry is the first carry most people use with their baby, and with the Infant Insert you can carry your newborn in a cuddly close position, right on your chest.

Ergobaby is the premium baby carrier & gear brand that every parent wants – the ultimate in comfort provided by the most ergonomic design. Best for you and your baby, with Ergobaby, you have 3 Ways to Carry: Front, Hip, and Back. It’s up to you. And with an Infant Insert, you can start using your Ergobaby carrier at 7 pounds all the way up to 45 pounds.

Ergobaby is the only carrier you’ll ever need.
Better parenting by design.

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