Original Cotton Swaddler


In 2015 the International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledged the Ergobaby Swaddler as a “hip-healthy product. For more information visit www.hipdysplasia.org

By two years of age, a child will have spent more time asleep than awake. A healthy amount of sleep is essential for babies as it directly impacts their mental and physical development, as well as happiness. The practice of swaddling has been used for centuries in many different cultures as it recreates a womb-like environment and produces a calming and soothing effect. Research demonstrates that when swaddled correctly, babies are safer since they are more likely to stay asleep on their backs. Swaddling also keeps your little one in REM sleep (the most restorative, deepest sleep) for longer periods of time…so you can enjoy more sleep too!

The Ergobaby® Swaddler is a simple and effective way to ensure your baby sleeps safely and soundly. The easy-to-use patented design is recommended by mums and medical experts alike and is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia institute as a ‘hip healthy’ product.

The Swaddler incorporates two innovative and distinct design features – the escape proof ‘arm pockets’ and an ergonomic patented ‘healthy hip positioner’. The ‘arm pockets’ prevent startle reflex by wrapping baby’s arms in the fetal position of ‘hands to heart’. The ‘healthy hip positioner’ secures baby’s hips in an ideal position for healthy development while the loose leg pouch offers space for natural leg movement and access for quick and easy nappy changes.

Ergobaby’s Original Swaddler is made of breathable 100% cotton terry cloth, with a soft finish for baby’s skin and the flexibility to stretch with baby’s movements for maximum comfort.

The Ergobaby Swaddler is now available in single packs as a convenient single-size swaddling solution for newborns (0-4 momths).


Features and Benefits

New revolutionary design in line with International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommendations
Physician recommended ergonomically correct ‘frog-leg’ position
Easy-to-use ensures that baby is snug and safe in just a few simple steps
Arm pockets secure baby’s arms and help to replicate the fetal position of ‘hands to heart’
Escape proof specially designed to prevent unravelling or shifting during sleep
Convenient leg pouch provides easy access to baby’s nappy and allows use with swings and bouncers
Soft and breathable 100% Cotton

Safety Tip
Swaddling with arms enclosed prevents startle reflex that may disturb sleep, but is not recommended once baby is able to roll as this may increase the risk of suffocation.

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